Margalef, Spain,   In the Montsant      Upcoming+    12  - 22 oct 2015    
Artist in Residence week project group, participater;   Koos van der Elsen
Over tekenen met TOUW
over wandelen tussen klimmers
over sediment , erosie en rotsen.

Spanish rope or Catalan Corda; 
1. soga (f) (thick, for hanging); cuerda (f) (thinner); cabo (m) maroma (f) (Naut); sarta (f) (of pearls)
  • rope ladder escalera (f) de cuerda
2. (idioms) to be on the ropes estar contra las cuerdas,  to learn the ropes ponerse al tanto (con un trabajo),   to give somebody plenty of rope dar gran libertad de movimientos a alguien
transitive verb
3. atar (fasten)(to a)  ,   they roped themselves together se encordaron (for climbing)
there were three of us on the rope (Mountaineering) éramos tres los encordados
to rope two things together atar dos cosas con una cuerda; 
they roped themselves together (Mountaineering) se encordaron; there were four climbers roped together había cuatro escaladores que formaban una cordada or iban encordados
Espadrilles shoes; The term espadrille is French and derives from the word in Occitan language, which comes from espardenya, in Catalan or espardeña in Spanish. In Catalan it meant a type of shoes made with espart, the Catalan name for esparto, a tough, wiry Mediterranean grass used in making rope.

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