Sculpture and Lecture ‘Steak Russian Art’ nov '12


Sculpture and Lecture ‘Steak Russian Art’

After the slideshows I  found needs to build a sculpture. As in combitation with the expanding of the former USSR/ CCCP and the follow –up  in showing up ,, of the next 30 year leadership of the so-called leaders of those satelite states, we travelled in winterhouses, motels,gastinitze and chai-canna’s. Baracs of all kind, shaslik-cana’s and re- organised picknick places, where you bring/ make your own food and order a coffee and use the toilet.
In these enviroments of self employed, -educated,- contracted people, we found our way through. The food is everywhere the same way, but the people make specially the best out of their places. In comparison  to the retro, neo, post imperial or classical style which are followed by government and real-estate ,  as to be ‘outstanding’ in terms of architecture.
Kindly spoken; the former Russia didn’t distroy all orthodox churches  (Vladimir,Suzdal) and all mosques and palaces and tombs of islamic art (in Samarkant,Khiva,etcetera).  Still there, they inspire our new buildings with gates and towers, with onionroofs and abstract ornaments. Even the lay-out of the spaces, the roads and the  desire to put buildings on its place are not neglected.
As coming through mountainareas with nomadic yurts and winterhouses with colourfull carpets on the wall and on the floor, we can’t escape from the warmth of the people and the obedience to its leaders 20 years of future plans as for all the 4 countries we traveled in 2 different continents, both with the name central;  Central Asia and Central Europe, there is no border on that side of Europe. You can gues where it should be on architectural way, but unluckely or perhaps for some; luckely, wooden beam houses with Ytong walls on the inside now a days …. and ‘whitehouse’parliamental buildings on the other side, are still there.
The sculpture actually represents the direction of the ‘brick and brack, jolly, own’design of owners of that houses , in variation on the type of beamhouses and the highgate  arches with those shapes , which reminds you of palaces and protected living, bookshape, lighter- and castelshape buildings. As in Astana.  It also forms a head and a body, a smiley on a square, a teahouse on the prairy, a petrolstation not completed or a glassbuilding with soundsystem and videoregistration and GPS to tell where it is located, Europe or Asia? Uzbekistan, Kirgistan, Kazagstan or Russia or more refind; Basjkirostan and Tjadikistan and Ural.

It was a pleasure to meet and it is inspiring to go on, on the way that old culture . old states not restraint on what we should go on with;  house- and government constructions, or despite of which religion the people believe in and financial situation they have to handle. No, one day it will be finished; ready. Ingshallah.  
Brno/ A’dam   nov ‘12