EXPOSITIE 6/7 13/14 20/21 SEPT'14 (waterlinie)Fort Edam WELKOM (3,50e) 11-16U

Accent for theFort ceiling. With  French clay (Argile)  I draw the eyeball .  The naturechamber is finally perfect for  the Eye with sylhouettes of broken Clematis lianes , touched and drawed  with clay , it leaves not only the warzone there, but also the  Jugendstil and ArtNouveau of that time.
The soul should be able to escape; “antenne  of the being”   (On the  roof!)
EXPOSITIE 6/7  13/14   20/21   SEPT'14 (waterlinie)Fort Edam WELKOM (3,50e) 11-16U
Koos van der Elsen     www.jardinart.com     www.set#net.info   2014.      

on the roof of the Fort of Edam